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Health and Safety

“There is nothing more important than the health and safety of our people. Safety is our top priority. Everything else comes second.”

– Mike Keown, Chief Executive Officer

At Commonwealth Rolled Products, we care deeply about the safety of our employees. Our most critical priority is ensuring every employee leaves work each day and returns to his or her loved ones without injury. Through careful consideration, action and planning, we can prevent all injuries.

To drive safety excellence, Commonwealth has a comprehensive Health and Safety system that facilitates a strong focus on safe work processes and proactive efforts to remove unsafe work conditions and practices. This system has led to improvement in our injury rates. We also encourage every dedicated team member to help us continually improve safety by identifying unsafe situations or bringing proactive ideas for improving processes.

As we continue to drive toward our goal of zero injuries, we are working diligently to build upon our strong safety culture that aligns the focus of our operations with a commitment to working safely. Through our team’s continued dedication, we’ve seen greater acceptance of our safety standards, more focus on safe work processes and more hands-on efforts to remove unsafe work conditions and practices. Click here to view our entire Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy.


  • All injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • Working safely is a condition of employment for employees, and a requirement for all contractors/visitors
  • Line Management is directly accountable for preventing injuries and occupational illnesses
  • Training is an essential element for safe workplaces
  • People are the most critical element in the success of a safety and health program
  • Safety audits must be conducted and appropriate corrective action implemented to address deficiencies in a timely manner
  • Safe work practices will be reinforced, and all unsafe acts and unsafe conditions must be corrected promptly
  • All injuries must be reported immediately
  • It is essential to report and investigate injuries, occupational illnesses and near misses
  • Safety off the job is an important element of the overall safety effort
  • We will demonstrate our unquestionable commitment to the safety of all employees, contractors and visitors